Monthly Archives: June 2012

More New Stuff

Continuing with my ongoing series of paintings, here are three new ones I recently started.  As in previous posts, the first photo in each pairing shows the painging itself while the second one is of the sketch on which it is based.  Enjoy.






As for the earlier pieces in the series, here is how they look at the time of this posting – they are nearly complete (famous last words).




Intuition takes me for a turn – literally

With respect to the painting I’ve been detailing in my last two posts, my intuition again takes me to unexpected places.  About a week ago, upon finishing up a painting session, I hung the piece on a wall in my studio to dry.   Due to the configuration of the wall and the placement of other paintings around it,  I had to turn the piece sideways in order to hang it, rendering the view of it “landscape” rather than “portrait” (as it had been worked on up to that point).  Upon viewing it this way over the next few days, I found it to be more interesting and compelling, and so have been working on it this way ever since…