More New Stuff

Continuing with my ongoing series of paintings, here are three new ones I recently started.  As in previous posts, the first photo in each pairing shows the painging itself while the second one is of the sketch on which it is based.  Enjoy.






As for the earlier pieces in the series, here is how they look at the time of this posting – they are nearly complete (famous last words).




4 responses to “More New Stuff

  • April Game

    Exciting work Daniel! Its cool to see the drawings next to the paintings… seeing how your mind explored and found solidity in the wild space of the automatic drawings is a pleasure.

  • Bhavna

    wow – i love seeing this! and i want to try this sometime.

  • Carol Duhigg

    As much as I enjoy the paintings, I love, love, love the drawings.

  • Christian Louboutin Outlet

    toward tonal, minimalist work and away from the colorful, decorative still lifes that people love. I am now 74 years old with no more time to dally. Do or die, now or never, sieze the day… So, my resolution is to commit to painting what feels right to my solar plexus, otherwise what’s the point? I could, after all, be hanging out in the pasture, chewing on the flowers, like the true Taurus that I am.

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